My first blog :D

Nov 20, 2007, 2:06 PM |

Well here it is... My first blog...

 Why? Well, mainly... because I was bored tonight and was waiting on some people moving some pixels to another location on that imaginary chessboard... Also because I have never blogged before... So Why not start here :D 

Last summer holiday I was in Prague with my girlfriend and for some reason we brought a chessboard with us. Not a nice big board with beautifull carved figures on it... but a small travel chessboard with little pieces of plastic as the pieces... I did know the game and even played it a long time ago... But never really set my mind to how difficult and beautifull this game can be... After pawning my gf a couple of times in the game (wasn't that hard cause she never played it all, let alone heard about the rules). I was challenged by a guy we met on the camping... Darn he was good! Or I am bad... anyway, after he trashed a large portion of my ego I decided it was time to work on my chess skills... What a journey this is gonna be!

Like I already mentioned, I know the rules and know what the goal of the game is. Still I never was a patient kinda guy who can watch possibilities for hours before making a move... Something I really  need to work on cause in a chessgame, I learned. One wrong move can trash your whole game... So time for me to start learning to be patient and read the moves of the other players... Learn alot by being pooned by better players (and there are a lot of those!) and still have fun playing this game :D Hope it's gonna work... Not that I have the hopes (let alone making) of being a great chess master someday... I would like to learn this game enough to be a reasonable player someday... And in the process have a lot of fun doing it...

 A couple of days ago I won my first match!!! Jeej I rock!!! Well not really cause I probably made some BIG mistakes... But good for me the other guy didn't see those, so finally I won... Got open matches now..Let's find out how fast my rating can drop from 14xx to 10 ;)

 Anyway, if someone cared to read this blog. Thank you, and I ope I didn't bore you to death... Ill try to update this blog once in a while with my learning process. And if I finally have something worth posting in the forums... I'll be sure to do it!...

See ya guys and girls in a game!