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Have you done your tactics training today?

Have you done your tactics training today?

Oct 7, 2016, 7:06 AM 0

Admittedly, at the moment I have far more spare time than I am used to so I have been using it well to try and improve my game.  Last year, I was unable to devote any time at all to chess and was so disillusioned by my failure to improve, I actually gave up for a year.  I returned in May, refreshed and ready to go.  I have enrolled on a course, and I spend a lot of time a day on strategical training, endgame training and analysis of positions.  My most enjoyable (and frustrating) time though is spent on tactical problems.  The following game, which I completed yesterday will explain why.  The variations are enlightening.


Now, as I said earlier, I do have a lot of spare time right now and that could very well change in the near future.  So, I am making the most of it now.  In one day, I am attempting:
25 tactical puzzles on chess.com
25 tactical puzzles on chesstempo.com
At least one unit on Chessimo
Today, I was presented with this puzzle:
What a tremendous puzzle!  I haven't put the moves in but I will give the clue that afterwards (when I made the wrong final move), I went to all my chess programs and changed the setting that made all pawn promotions automatically become a Queen.  I learned something.  It may be an obvious point to many but I have finally caught up.  
Tactics are fun, frustrating, rewarding, irritating, amusing and often tedious.  But they are never a waste of time. 
Have you done your tactical training today?

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