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Must Keep Practising

Must Keep Practising

Oct 5, 2016, 4:29 AM 0

It's always a pleasant morning when the next set of lessons in Tiger Chess appear on your account.  One of the things I like about the course is that each set of lessons appear weekly so it stops you from rushing ahead or not paying much attention to certain lessons because you would rather move on to something else.

So today, I have spent a good hour looking at how to exploit opportunities to sacrifice on f7 or f2 against a castled or uncastled King and thoroughly enjoyed the games that were discussed.  I am not sure the openings I play right now will ever lend themselves to giving me these opportunities nor do I predict I would have the guts to carry it through should that opportunity arise but this is not the point.  It all adds to strategical knowledge and understanding of how certain themes work.

My five free tactics on chess.com were interesting and I got four right.  I did not do too well on chesstempo.com today but was happy to solve a couple of complex continuations.  I do not focus on ratings or time with these tactics, rather I just focus on getting it right.  This is all that matters as you seek to take tactical awareness to OTB games and tournaments.

Finally, I practised my 'Two Bishops versus King' checkmating lines and I am frustrated to report that although, I get this right most of the time, I still take far too many moves and even, shamefully allowed stalemate one time today.  It just shows, like any other activity, that you have to keep practising if you want to stay on top.  Have a go.  Set up this position against a computer (or any similar position) and see how few moves it takes you to checkmate the King.


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