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Playing against your favourite Opening

Playing against your favourite Opening

Oct 6, 2016, 3:57 AM 0

My favoured opening against 1.e4 is the Caro-Kann.  This resulted from a chat I had with GM Nigel Davies a few years ago and he recommends it to players like myself who are weak but aspire to use what time we have to improve.  With the white pieces, I am mostly a 1.d4 player but lately, after reading some articles and watching some videos, I have started to re-introduce some 1.e4 openings into my game with the intentions of playing the Ruy Lopez and Scotch against 1...e5 and learning some principles against other responses.

I was thrilled in the game that follows to be take into a Caro-Kann by my opponent, who I thought was a very good player who played well beyond his rating, especially in the opening.  I took the game into the Capablanca Main line with 11.Bf4, which is a line I have studied hard from the side of Black in WGM Jovanka Houska's excellent book, 'Play the Caro-Kann'.  I was really happy that my opponent seemed to know this line well and we went deep into the variation providing us with a decent middle-game.  It was only here that my opponent made a critical inaccuracy which led me to a winning endgame.  

I really enjoyed playing this person and hope we cross swords again.  I sense we would have some very good games which could go either way.


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