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Chess Gambling

Chess Gambling

Nov 23, 2007, 7:30 PM 22

I recently told my Grandfather, who happens to be 93, that I was taking some chess lessons to improve my game. He gave me this very serious look and said, "Don't start gambling." After stifling a giggle, I began to explain that I've never heard, or thought, of anyone gambling over a game of chess. The whole idea seems absurd to me. I'm sure someone, somewhere does gamble over chess, but I find it ridiculous.

I can image a room full of chess-gambling-lovers peering saucer-eyed at a chess game through a cloud of cigarette smoke and screaming, "Come on white! Mate that &^%&^%%!" How silly. How would you calculate the point spread? Could you bet on yourself? Could you bet on your opponent then throw the game with a fantastic blunder by creating multiple forks...on YOURSELF!? Who knows. I just know I'll never find out.

I continued to explain that chess is mostly played by people who are generally more intelligent (myself excluded) and those type of people wouldn't gamble with chess. Then I realized later that my last example was as absurd as Pop's first comment. Gambling knows no intellectual boundary or maximum IQ. Chess knows no minimum IQ either, I suppose, but I still hold to the theory that chess requires a certain kind of person. One that is at least a bit more intelligent.

Please respond to this blog by listing links to websites that offer chess gambling. This will prove me wrong, my Grandfather right, and give us all something to laugh about.

Over and out. 

(By the way: the spellchecker doesn't recognize "blog.") 

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