Canadian Open Chess Championship 2013

Jul 21, 2013, 7:59 AM |

Canadian Open took place from July 13 to July 20. Eventually got 4/7 with 4 losses, 3 wins, and two draws. 

Round 1: Miladin Djorkovic 2287

Basically a massacre from move 1. White blows his slight opening advantage by missing that critical shot Ng4! It basically goes down hill from there as a number of further inaccuracies lead to Miladin collecting the bacon with no real resistance. 

Game 2: Nicolas Short 1300

My opponent made a rather serious blunder that lost the game on the spot. 

Game 3: Ismail Ibrahim 2050

Got a better position out of the opening and completely blundered into a lost position, all the while thinking I was winning a pawn. 

Game 4: Vladimir Drkulec 2000 (national master)

This guy is a national master and also the president of CFC. Apparently he had some blood sugar problems and that affected his rating (which was 2200 just a year before). The game went pretty well until time pressure came and I was unable to find the drawing sequence. 

Game 5: Richard Feng 1320

My opponent badly misplays the dragon and gets punished rather quickly. 

Game 6: Benjamin Bilium 1930

My opponent plays a weird opening and quickly gets a winning positon. He promptly blows his winning advantage and the game fizzles out into a draw. 

Game 7: Thomas Kurian 1640

My opponent blunders a pawn from the opening and it went downhill from there. 

Game 8: Gordon Giacomin 1950

My opponent offered me a draw early on. With being 20 minutes down on the clock, I accepted. But the position was better for me and I should hve just played on (as I realised to my regret later). 

Game 9: Zachary Barrows 2033

Bonus Game: Simul vs GM Eric Hansen

Got completely killed. Played a bunch of moves I didn't even think was right. Didn't trust myself in this game.