Toronto High School Chess Championship

Apr 12, 2013, 7:41 PM |

So I participated in a recent tournament recently. The players pretty much alternate between really strong and really weak. 

The first two rounds were pretty much just a mop up from something like move 6 on. 

Round 1

Round 2: 

And I spent the next 2 rounds getting smashed by people 500 points above me on the rating scale. 

Round 3: I got crushed in 17 moves and still dont know how it happened. 

Round 4: Pretty much an indication that I can't play the endgame properly and that I really need to work on that aspect of the game. 

Round 5: So, after those two devasting losses, I finally get paired with the nubes again. This time, it was someone who said he were going to troll me. Well, if trolling means losing in less than 13 moves, I wish I got trolled more often.