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阿桑 Ah Sang 28 Feb 1975 - 6 April 2009

阿桑 Ah Sang 28 Feb 1975 - 6 April 2009

May 10, 2009, 4:20 PM 3

Ah Sang 阿桑 ,the female singer who rose to fame by singing “Leaves”, passed away at Tzu Chi General Hospital in Taipei County / Taiwan, on April 6 2009.       She had reached the last stage of breast cancer and died at the age of 34.     Her fans are still waiting for her new album by posting on her forum, “Waiting for Ah Sang to shine again.” Her colleagues, Power Station and S.H.E were shocked when they received the news.

Ah Sang original name is Huang Yanlin. She rose to fame by singing for the top viewed Taiwan drama, The Rose in year 2003. She is labeled by the company as the next Mavis Hee. After releasing her debut album, ‘I’m A Little Hurt’ in 2003, she proceed to release her second album in 2005 called, ‘Loneliness is Singing’. However, her album did not manage to get good sales but her songs became popular. During these few years, she earned her income by singing in some places and it was rumored she is going to get married this year.

Ah Sang stepped into the entertainment biz when she was 28 years old. Her career ended before it can continue any further. In October last year, she felt unwell when she was in Mainland China. She went back to Taiwan for a check-up and was diagnosed with last stage of breast cancer. The cancerous cells have affected her liver and lungs. She remained as lively when she chatted with her former colleagues on MSN or on phone.

Last year, Ah Sang wrote in her blog, “I’m fine and awake. I can come out to meet everyone and I’m happy but please give me a few more days.” Until December last year, Ah Sang’s agent, Wang Yiping continued to post on her behalf to let her fans encourage her and give her their blessings.

The name Ah Sang originate from her voice which give others a sense of sadness and her career is also full of sadness. She had a chance to record album way back in her college days but due to a flood, the demo cd was destroyed and thus she had to wait till the song, “Leaves” for her voice to be known.



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