Six games
A 1600 (black) vs a 1900 (white) in the final round of the ACCO #27. The 1600 went on to win!

Six games

Jan 9, 2018, 3:35 PM |

I played two tournaments a while back and never got around to blogging them. One was four rounds long but I got 0/3 and thus got a bye for the last round. frustrated.png The other was three rounds and I went 2/3 winning my entry back. 

I'll start with the "Tournament of Losses".

The big lesson I learned!
  1800s aren't invincible, I can beat them if I play good chess. 
The small lesson that I learned.
  Don't blunder pieces.
My big lesson!
  Win safely. Not quickly.
Big lesson: I need to play the Anti-e4 RAR Attack better.
 If you know your openings you will get a time advantage. (or your opp will get a terrible position)
I don't know what to make of this game. I was winning till I wasn't. His counterplay was so annoying. How can I prevent this kind of thing from happening again?
The past aside, I plan on playing in the U1600 section of the Southwest class this February and would like to be as underrated as possible. If you plan on being there, have any advice or read my blog tongue.png please comment below. happy.png