Why not?

Why not?

Oct 31, 2017, 6:28 PM |
I had the option to go to a tournament, I thought "Why not?". I could play in the U1400 section, I thought "Why not?".  I could play RAR openings... you probably know what I thought.
I thought I would win all my games and have an OTB rated record of 15 wins,(!) 2 losses and 1 draw.
@speedcubin was there. It was his first tournament. We hadn't met or played before but I heard him say that he played on chess.com. I challenged him to a game and he accepted. We played a 3|2 blitz game where he won the exchange but lost due to time trouble. We agreed that he would have won with more time. 
A kid named Zachary (with the hat on the far left of the picture) was my opponent for round one. I got to play on one of the fancy wooden boards for the first time! 

 Our game was the last of the round and there were a number of people standing around our board watching. They had marked our game as a win for me and had generated the pairings for round 2 by the time I checkmated him. I was shaky and felt a little weak. To little sleep (I'm a night owl and tournaments are worse than coffee for keeping you up) and no breakfast were probably the culprits. A good 30 minutes to eat, relax and collect myself was what I wanted. What I got was three minutes of reporting my win on the wrong paper, fixing my mistake, and finding out who I would play in round 2.

My opponent was Eric Tipton. He's the one in the white shirt right behind Zachery.


 It was the lunch break. I ate, then went into the skittles room to find an opponent. I found Eric, we looked at our endgame and he concluded that it would have been a draw if he had made a different move. He offered to play blitz and I accepted. A 700 player who was nearby remarked "Blitz? Great. No thinking needed." I'm not surprised he's 700. We played three games. I won the first and third games but Eric won the second.
I was in a much better condition when round 3 started then at round 2. I had eaten, rested, and was 2/2. 
 My opponent is kinda hard to see in the picture. He's sitting at the third table from the camera on the right side. He's wearing gray and is close to the aisle. He's looking at the man in the aisle. My oppenent's name is Matthew W. Feldman
That was too close.
Needless to say I was happy to win but I didn't get over the "lost" feeling I got after hanging my rook. Anybody have any tips on that? 
My opponent for round 4 was Matthew Feldman's son, Josh.
4/4 and clear first! I could tell that some people didn't think I belonged in the U1400, but the open section had a NM, two 1900s and two 1800s. I'll have plenty of tough competition. 
In the end, I recieved $60 and my rating went from 1564 to 1590. I also have some interesting stats. 
  Wins Draws Losses
Club Tournaments 7 0 0
Rounds 1-3 overall 12 0 0
vs. 1200+ 11 1 0


Now to end with another poem by Shel Silverstein!

Long Scarf

You ask me to take off my scarf

And sit down and rest a while?

That's sweet of you but before I do,

I'll tell you a story my child.

Some years ago I faught a duel

With the Count of Doomandread,

And I slipped or tripped

And his sword just clipped

My neck - and sliced off my head.

I scooped it up and put it back,

But it didn't quite connect,

So I tied this scarf around it

Just to keep it on my neck.

That's why I always keep it on,

'Cause if it did unwrap,

This wobbly chopped-off head of mine

Might tumble in your lap.

So now you've heard my tale, and if

It will not make you ill,

And you'd still like me to

Take off my scarf...

I will!


Thanks for reading!