So now what?

Jul 29, 2010, 5:19 AM |

Feel like I am kind of reaching the place I was about 8 years ago.  Started reading and studying and playing some chess, but I eventually fizzled out.  I was reading books and had some computer chess games but could never figure out which way to go, which software to buy to help me play and learn, or basically, just what to do next.  Yes, I'm kinda lost on the Chess Openings, COW, Chessimo, Fritz, Rybka, Stockfish...confusion, for lack of a better term. I want to study and improve, but wonder how.

Of course, back then, I was on and the game play and analysis has been helpful, but I am not even sure I am getting the most from the analysis.  I do enjoy the Tactics training and Chess Mentor.  Sometimes it just seems that my perennial weakness always seems to get me...what do I do in the opening.  In other words, stronger players always beat me in the first few moves, even though I hang in there for a bit.  Players around my level can give me problems as I try to avoid blunders and mistakes.  I realize that's part of the learning, I just want to take the learning to the next level.  Often wonder if at this point, I need some human training, because its kind of "funny" that I am doing all this without ever having played a living face-to-face match, well at least not one in probably 30 years.  A lot of tools out there, just where to go. 

Or just keep going?  I muse. Or maybe, just play lots more games? Or all of the above?