Chess Tournament #1

Jun 21, 2014, 8:26 PM |

Today I played in the Memphis Sizzling Summer G/30 Chess Championship. The tournament was okay for me. I was the only kid there and was the lowest rated player there. Almost everyone in the field was like 500 points higher than me. Even so I believe that I did well and am happy with my play. Below are my four games with analysis:

Game #1

My opponent out played me throughout the game and was very good with finding the right moves. I was not so upset. 0/1.

Game #2:

I was kind of dissapointed because I thought that I outplayed him throughout the entire game and was .5/2. 

 Game #3:

Although I was up a pawn in material my higher rated opponent managed to create a complex position which was very tricky. Although I was a pawn up I decided to offer a draw and not risk losing on time or on tactics. My opponent graciously accepted the draw. 1/3 That is not bad for the kind of opposition I played.

Game #4:

I was pretty happy with my play and managed to score 1/4 against extremely strong player. I had some misfortunate games and placed 5/6. See you later guys and if I did not see a line or had some errors please correct me. 

Here is a puzzle from one of my previous tournaments: