Chess Tournament #2

Jul 14, 2014, 4:54 PM |

I played in a tournament this past saturday. I was a playing td and was lucky enough to play some good games and increase my rating. In the tourney I played in the U1600 section but played players in the open section due to the small amount of people. Game #1:

The game was badly played by me. I could have won two pawns and play into a favorable endgame, but I blundered with Be6 and lost the game 0/1.

In Round 2 I got an easy point and thus I was 1/2.

Game #2:

I had an extremely easy game and won quite convincingly 2/3. Game #3:
The game was disapponiting because after analyzing the game I found many winning chances, but did not find them in the game. Also the last time we played I drew him in a winning position. Now I was 2/4. Game #4:
I was greatly disappointed with my play becuase I had ways to equalize, but did not find them. This was a good game to learn from and I finished the tourney 2/5 and good enough for the top U1200 prize.