Playing OTB after a long break

Mar 9, 2011, 2:45 AM |

Okay, so this blog is mainly going to be about the games I play OTB. I will provide annotation to the games, but seeing as I am a pretty mediocre player you should not take them at face-value (unless they concern my plans behind a certain move etc.).

I am hoping that stronger players will comment on my games, and hopefully this way I, and others at my level, can benefit from their knowledge.

Currently I am playing in two tournaments. A club tournament, which today's game is from, and a team tournament (my club against other clubs).

The game I am posting today I played this Monday, the time controls are 90 mins + 30 secs per move + 15 mins at 40 moves. My official (Danish) rating is 1250 which may be too low - I do not have a FIDE or USCF rating.



Next Monday I play Black against a guy who plays the 2.f4 Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian, so even though I have not played the Sicilian for years, I am thinking about reading up on it, as I know 2. f4 is somewhat inferior to e.g. 2.Nc3 and then f4.