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Astonishing games pt 3- La Bourdonnais, Mcdonnel and Anderssen (1801-1851)

Mar 27, 2012, 11:18 PM 0

Hello guys, hope you enjoying my series. Here's one more (part 3):

Though the world championship was not officially played before 1886 (Steinitz- Zuckertort) however two of the strongest players of their time La Bourdonnais and Mcdonnel played something like that spanning six matches and around 85 games. The games were not much of brilliancy but one or two were exceptional :

The previous game Mcdonnel lost due to not building up a proper defence and to allow the pawns to enter his territory.

In my previous I demonstrated the power of  a double rook sacrifice by Thomas Bowdler now Anderssen uses the same technique to play this game. This game is known as the Immortal game:

Adolf Anderssen was a schoolmaster who played two of the best games in chess history- The immortal game and the Evergreen game.

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