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football is hard but someones got to do it

Dec 29, 2012, 10:17 AM 2

late night last night on the lash , 12 beers a pizza on the way home and a saw head at 7am this morning . just the right preperation for a day at huddesfield watching wednesday in an early kick off . this means setting off at 9 and in the boozer in huddersfield for 10 . more beer downed in a short time before a short walk to the ground . the wednesday played well should have won but finished 0 0 . disco eric one of the lads gets lost on a straight road from the ground to the car so we are delayed getting back to sheffield might as well have another beer in a very posh boozer on the way home and frighten the well to do people having their meals lol disco eric decides to start singing and wears his mothers dame edna sun glasses . back home for a roast beef dinner day done . have it 

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