Highlights from the Hills

Mar 24, 2015, 12:34 AM |

I finished shared 2nd/3rd place last weekend in the expert section at Agoura hills, placing is nice but this was particularly satsifying as my rating passed the 2100 mark. Here are some highlights from the tournament:

Between rounds my first round opponent (and incidentally the player I shared 2nd/3rd with-our game was an uneventful draw) complimented this combination. I said it was just luck, to which he replied "it's not just luck, you have to see it too". That basically summarizes my entire tournament.

After saving a position that lost doesn't even begin to describe in round 3, I had Black in round 4: 

In the last round I had white and after my opponent and I recited some particularly obnoxious opening theory, the following position arose: