Just like Shecs as described in the blog of that title, BUT... each player may, only once in a game after opponent's move and instead of his own, holler "SHECS_PLEX"! The Barrier is replaced in the middle of the board, obscuring each player's view of the opponent's half of the board. Opponent's pieces on the opposite side of the barrier must be left alone, but each player may put his pieces wherever he sees fit on his side of the barrier. When the barrier is removed, the player who did not holler Shecsplex goes first, so in effect he moves twice in a row.

Anybody who wants to play, please feel free to contact me!


  • 5 years ago


    Never tried this one but sounds like it could be interesting.

  • 6 years ago


    See folks, what's going on here is, I know when I'm gonna get summarily whupped in a "normal" game of chess, so the 1 thing to do is of course: Negotiate!! :)

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