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Good News/Bad News

Good News/Bad News

Jun 26, 2017, 4:36 AM 0

Well, I went back and looked at some, not all, of my games.

To recap:  I decided to not look at specific openings but rather play according to opening principles.   Then, once I had a sample size of games to look at I would go back and figure out what I tended to play, and then go look at specific openings.

This is the general advice of one IM Daniel Rensch, pictured below:

So I played in Focus Mode.   Going back and looking over the games I discovered that, when playing White I tended to play the Leonardis Variation.

Which sounded great until I realized that I was playing the safe, wimply, prone to lose Leonardis opening and not the vigorous Spartan Leonidas opening.


That was the bad news.  I need to stop playing an opening for white which black wins 1/2 the games and white only wins a 1/3rd.

The good news?  I've been winning about 1/2 the games playing the Leonardis variation  So my winning percentage playing that opening is higher.  

Which is most likely a function of how bad the play is at this level.

My solution is to learn better white openings, allow my testicles to descend further, and play 'less conservative' openings.   If all goes well I will create a variation of a hyper-modern with cultural cachet.   The Spider Monkey gambit.


Indeed, Chip.


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