Shah Mat

Shah Mat

Nov 9, 2014, 8:11 PM |

Cut throats and killers surround the castle keep
Blind sheep frivolous pawns
Try and find me
I fleed, the king, lord of the land, through the secret escape hatch I briskly ran
but never did I expose my back

I watched the vandals vanquish my prized vanities, it was at this time the bishops burnt the last remnants of me
Like offerings
Ashen on the ground
Active, A lone tiger now, I turned moved muting my sounds

I was Ambushed and Found Hmm.. How?
It seemed as if my opponent had out thought me precisely one move ahead
His rooks desperately desired the crown but found instead interjection My queen she was loyal to the death

The weak link in the chain in the end game was my defense
No consequence, from the

opening it was never my penchant
Attack and Attack fast
Run the gauntlet the gambit
My plan calculated, executed but fatal flaws expanded

Snarling knights circled and Swirled on stallions
Prideful like lions they loved to live with valiance
Time keeps ticking
The rhythm keeps this algebraic written
I'm Intermittent with decisions
Never do I consider quitting