Taiwan Nationals 2013: part 1 -- no latecoming


My first grief is with the zero-start rule, pedantically enforced. If you are not seated on your seat when the arbiter says "start", you lose the game. Even if you stand or walk around in the room. To be fair (which I might not be otherwise here), they do give a notice that we should get seated NOW because they are about to start. 

Of course round times are not strictly followed, so often I find myself sitting and waiting -- needing to use a toilet -- but unable to go since the round *might* start. Since the games are mostly rapid games, even losing 10 minutes of your time (if going "on my time") can be a serious hit. 

Delayed round starts are declared far after the announced time, and if you are buddies enough with the federation people (especially if you happen to be in a car with a Senior FIDE Official)  they might delay the round start until you arrive. And have everyone else sit on their seats waiting for your highness to arrive.

According to one of the 2000+ players (who has sworn never to play a federation tournament again), says that they can even move round times *earlier* than announced. And award you a loss for not being seated at the changed time. Apparently this player lost a game this way.

Why not just start the clocks at the announced time, like in the rest of the world?