Taiwan Nationals 2013: part 6 -- spectate or not to spectate

Apr 2, 2013, 1:42 PM |

Back in Europe spectators were welcome to chess events, as long as they did not disturb anyone. 

Here the organizers try to chase people out, but not everyone. They have their favourites (top players are not chased out), and other people (non-players) the organizers know are allowed in the room.

For instance some of the players have coaches, who photograph the opening positions on all games (so they can prepare openings?) -- while us without a well connected coach cannot have a fellow player (whom is waiting for us since we intend to go to have lunch together) to even watch our games -- let alone do any scouting.

On the other hand I can understand why they do not want everyone to watch: many of the players are kids (and not punished for disturbing), or worse yet, parents. There might be a separate post about that... 

In the very last round they actually enforced a good policy. Everyone, not playing out! I think that is fair. And actually gave a rare opportunity to focus during the game (During normal rounds, the game area is relatively noisy compared with what I am used to).

How about having some principle about who is allowed to watch, and then follow that rule?