25 years old and learning chess!

25 years old and learning chess!

Apr 15, 2018, 3:54 AM |

Hello guys!

I have two favorite pastimes activities: blogging and learning things. So I decided to combine these two and start a blog about my journey into the world of chess. Let's start with a little background information: I'm 25 years old and I started playing chess more actively only couple months ago. Of course I knew the basic chess rules and had played occasional game against friends every now and then, but needless to say I was (and still am) a complete beginner against anyone who has played the game before. So I played my first proper game on chess.com last November and in the following 50 or so games I got completely crushed left and right. In a matter of few weeks I went from 1200 starting Blitz rating all the way to 667 at lowest. Someone less resilient might've given up at that point, but being a stubborn donkey that I am, I just decided that I'm never going to get destroyed that badly by other newbies again. I still occasionally do, but nowadays it's luckily more of an occasion than the norm.

So fast-forward two months I managed to climb both in rapid and blitz back to above 1000 rating and started to have a feeling that I'm actually slowly improving. I've been doing a lot of tactics lessons, chess.com lessons, watching tons of YouTube channels and reading chess articles. I feel like I've completely fallen in love with this beautiful game and want to learn more and more. So in order to keep me motivated (and to have something to look back to) I decided to start tracking my progress and my training habits. I've heard so much about the fact that chess is best learned at a young age and feel like I want to challenge that paradigm. How far can a 25 year old newbie get if he just puts his mind on it?

In case you are interested in following my progress then feel free to leave a message - anything from training ideas, good articles, openings, chess related literature and videos to simple good luck wishes. All of them are very much welcome, as well as any outside chess related banter. Behind the screen is a multi-instrumentalist musician who loves books, movies, writing, history, philosophy and games of all sorts.

Starting ratings at the beginning of the blog (12.2.2018):

Tactics: 1160 (413/768)
Blitz: 1009 (154/139/11)
Lessons: 1474 (90)
Rapid: 1013 (7/6/1)
Daily: 1239 (2/1/0)