The Queen's Indian Defense

Below you'll find in puzzle-format all of the MCO variations for the Queen's Indian Defense. For the sake of being thorough every MCO line is included. Don't be overwhelmed. By no means should all of these variations be memorized, nor do I plan to do so. I've created this as a document for all 1.d4 and Queen's Indian Defense players who, like me, wish to be succesful advocates of their openings.
If you're familiar with the Queen's Indian, I'm looking for someone to help annotate these variations. You can either message me annotations or comment below, just be certain that you identify the name of the variation and the line in it. I'm especially interested in any trap lines that may exist or common opening attacks. Most important, though, is that we get written down what Black's and White's plans may be and strategies for counterplay. One idea I have for this is to round robin lines between the engines I currently have access to (Toga, Stockfish, and Phalanx).
With time I may include the variations footnoted in MCO, but for now I would be happy just to finish off the post! My interest for now lies in developing a full repertoire first and exploring lines intimately after.
If you're interested in joining me in finishing the project for 1.d4, please get in contact and we can divide up the work. You can find a detailed blog post on the 1.d4 project here: