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Lesson 1 - Tactics (page 3)


Welcome to the last page of Lesson 1. Here I will list some very helpful recommendations which you should follow. You will need to make lots of tactical-training and hopefully every day till you are able to recognize these patterns in a matter of seconds. After you are able to recognize the most with no problems, it's still not bad to do your tactical-exercises everyday because the variations are endless and they WILL be many of them hard to spot.

 Recommendations for Lesson 1 "in-depth" self training

  • Ubisoft Chessmaster 11 (One of the greatest interactive voice-supported tutorials I have seen. All fundamentals are covered, the quickest and still complex way to raise your knowledge.)
  • Chess Mentor (Either here *diamond membership required* or here through purchasing. NOTE: On chess.com you have more courses! This is interactive too (no one speaking like in Chessmaster, but you have dozens of courses for every strength. Highly recommended too!)
  • Chess.com Tactical Trainer (Only if you have a membership here, because you will need to make lot's of them)
  • Chesstempo.com (No membership required, lot's of puzzles with all the different theme's)
  • Bobby Fischer - Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (Cheap and very useful. Covers lots of basic themes without the confusing chess notations. Very easy, effective and simple.)
  • Laszlo Polgar - 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games (An everyday book for you daily homework for a very long period.) 
 (NOTE: Will be updated, if there is something better. List should be as simple as possible for the beginner. Choosing one of four is easier than choosing one of hundreds recommendations.)
(NOTE 2: Lesson 2 is in preparation. It will be about strategy.)