Dangerous Max Lange Attack and Fried Liver Combined!!

Nov 13, 2010, 4:17 PM |

    While playing in an online tournament, I was utterly beaten up by an attack known as the Max Lange. What caused this? As you explore this sequence of moves, you will see that the Max Lange is full of traps for the unaware. 

The Max Lange Attack

Here is a game of the Max Lange Attack
 Also if 3...Nf6, you may do the Fried Liver Attack. (posted below and in the forums in the opening area) In the forums, search "A Neat Opening Trick" in the search box on your right. The forum will be categorized in General Chess Discussion.  It doesn't always work, but it is really good at amateur players. Keep in mind, there are many variations of this. Do not play this if you are a passive player, this opening leads to some complicated positions.
Fried Liver Attack
Info for Fried Liver Attack based off a video on thechesswebsite.com (below)
The Bottom line: Employ this only against amateur players or you will be crushed.
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