The Art of War In Chess : Chapter 2 - The Moral Law

Jul 13, 2010, 11:15 AM |

The first of the 5 Constant Factors is called The Moral Law.  It is defined as:

discipline -- the ability to act properly regardless of the situation 

It is simply the resolve not to be engage in any of the 5 Dangerous Faults:

1) Recklessness -- Striking without forethought

2) Cowardice -- Fear of attacking

3) Hasty Temper -- Acting emotionally

4) Delicacy Of Honor -- An exaggerated sensitivity to battle conditons (which prevents proper tactics)

5) Over-Solicitude For One's Forces -- Being unwilling to seize an advantage or abandoning an advantage (due to concern over material loss)

Sun Tzu points out that losing will always be caused by one of these 5 faults and thus if you do not engage in any of them you will have won the victory of The Moral Law.

This victory is essential to winning any game and must be combined with the 4 other Constant Factors which will be detailed in following posts.