The Art of War In Chess : Chapter 3 - Heaven

The Art of War In Chess : Chapter 3 - Heaven

Jul 21, 2010, 9:30 AM |

In the Art Of WarHeaven can be summarized as the general battle conditions (as opposed to the specific pitch of the battle which is Earth).

Therefore, adhering to the Moral Law of Heaven can be accomplished by looking at the board in a general way; stepping back and stripping away all but the main pieces to get an idea of where the general focus is for both our opponent's pieces and our own. 

Perception is an essential key of understanding and our ability to perceive the board in different ways is extremely helpful in revealing potential tactics in any chess position.  GM Andrew Soltis points this out in his wonderful book "The Inner Game Of Chess: How To Calculate and Win" (*.

He says, "Sometimes you have to visualize the simplest situations of the board, mentally stripping away all but two or three key pieces, in order to 'get it'":

GM Andrew Soltis continues, "This looks like a complicated position but it isn't.  Strip away two pieces and the game is almost instantly over."

[SOLUTION] The key here is see how the light squared bishop and d-file rook are virtually cutting the king completely off and the rest just falls into place with (editor's note): Ng6+! hxg6 Bc5+!

GM Andrew Soltis continues, "With these two pieces gone, White's h1-rook will all but deliver mate on e1."

Viewing the board in a general way (Heaven) is essential to discovering winning offensive and defensive tactics and thus consistently produce winning results.