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Clarence Kalenian Classic 2017 - Discussion & Games

Clarence Kalenian Classic 2017 - Discussion & Games

Jul 29, 2017, 10:23 PM 3

On July 29, 2017, I attended the Clarence Kalenian Classic. This 4-round, G70/d5 tournament was held in honor of late local legend Clarence Kalenian, in the Westgate Church of Christ, Dothan, AL. My pre-tournament rating was 1322, albeit listed as 1352 as USCF official ratings only update monthly.

This tournament is memorable to me for being the first chess tournament I have won a trophy in. I have won a trophy-awarding tournament section before, but did not receive its trophy as it was only awarded to Alabama residents while I am Floridian. This blog's photo is of myself, holding my trophy and $125 prize, next to tournament director Caesar Lawrence. Mr. Caesar's efforts in perpetuating chess are greatly appreciated!

Below are my games from this tournament. I have commentated three, albeit lightly. Further analysis is the reader's prerogative. I calculated much over-the-board, but am disinclined to remember or reconstruct it as that requires much exertion.

Also, I recommend listening to this while reading this post.



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