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How to beat a 2400 in 3|0 Blitz
The Blitzkriegs

How to beat a 2400 in 3|0 Blitz

Jan 17, 2018, 2:30 PM 7

So, you're probably wondering: ''Mr. Helloer, you're only 1850 in blitz. How in the world are you gonna show us how to beat someone 550 points higher than you?'' Well, I'll just tell you from my experience how I beat a 2400, and maybe it'll work for you too(if you ever get to play a 2400 wink.png)!


So, it was 4 PM, and I just finished watching some Fortnite, DangMattSmith, NFL, and RiceGum. About 2 hours of time wasted, but at least I know who the stars of the SuperBowl 52 commercial are gonna be(Rice and Iggy Azalea!)! Anyway, I logged on to chess.com, and saw that there was an arena being streamed. The ARENA KINGS! I forgot all about it. I went to the live chess server, and there were only 15 minutes remaining. Which sucked. Bad. I'm not a streamer or a titled player, but it would be cool to be in like the Top 25, but I ruined my chance. ''Oh well'', I thought. ''Maybe I get to upset someone?'' And yes, I thought right.

Pretty much, I had an advantage cause he had a horrible connection for the first 30 seconds, but I played horribly in the opening. But then, he got way too aggressive and I managed to mess up his kingside pawns. I had an attack, but I was kinda in time trouble, so I didn't play correctly(A good book to up your attacking skill ALOT is Art of Attack). From then on, it went downhill, and I had to premove everywhere. And then, suddenly, HE had less time than me, and Wallah! He flagged with a queen and about six pawns while I had one pawn. If he just took that pawn, it would have at least been a draw, but I guess he was playing for the win.
Against 2400's, try not to play theoretically, cause they're BOSS at theory. Also, try not to get to time trouble, cause they usually also probably have a good bullet rating and flag you easily. I would also recommend to play aggressively, cause in an OTB tourney, I just so happened to play a 2200, and I was actually better in the end cause of my attack, but then I lost. Maybe I'll blog about it....
Anyways, as long as you play theoretically aggressively fast, you'll probably be good to go.
Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to look out for my Untitled Tuesday blogs also!
P.S: Join this forum to get pretty much free trophies! www.chess.com/forum/view/general/helloers
P.P.S: Game link:https://www.chess.com/live/game/2558281236


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