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Chess: Life or Sport?

Chess: Life or Sport?

Oct 15, 2010, 9:32 PM 0

I have been hearing a lot of people and some of my students saying that they just can not get away from the chess board no matter what they do. I have also heard by some of these people say that chess is life and then mimicking Robert James Fischer's "Chess is life" quote. There are some problems about these thoughts and actions.

First off, the thing is that chess is not life but a sport in which people use their skills, tactics, deductive skills, strategies, and mental strength against the opponent. This kind of mental "torture" can be quite addicting to many people surprisingly enough. Don't feel bad I am an addict as well! This is probably the reason why people can not get away from the board to begin with! But let me warn you something if you a great addict and play all the time every hour of every day.

I know by experience that these thoughts do not work most of the time unless you are Bobby Fischer or something! There are loads of times where your mind NEEDS to rest. And you will know when this happens because you will get headaches, lose games, and get angry or frustrated. When this happens step away from the board. But when it becomes quite severe, step away from chess for a day, a week, heck even a month sometimes! The time spent on resting your mind all depends on you. There are no set time to rest and what not. You need to determine that in your own.

This "vacation" time will be all for the betterment of your chess, trust me! I began on this site as a 1100 and now look at where I am at now!! Not to mention I started playing bullet with the rating 1050 and now loom at that as well. I will not give advice if I had no idea about what I am talking about it. I only give advice because I had made the same mistakes once before.

Thank you for reading my first blog! I really do hope that this helps out some what. I wish you the best of luck and greatest experience of chess! ^_^

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