How I got into the first place tie breaks for NJ Scholastic State Championships(7th Grade)!

Dec 28, 2015, 10:43 AM |

I, Vikas Rama(Thevikasinator) earned second place in NJ Scholastic State Championships(7th Grade).

Vivek Srinivas got first place(VS030903)

I got second place(Vikas Rama; Thevikasinator)

Abhinav Chinnambeti got third place(Laskattack).

We all scored 4/5 with two draws and three wins! 

Vivek's Rating=1629

My rating=1597

Abhinav's rating=1718

I will show you three of my interesting games:

Here is my third game which i won againist the fourth place person with 3.5/5

Now this is my 4th game where I drew Vivek Srinivas

Now this is my 5th game which I drew against Aditya Ajashe 

Thank you for viewing my blog about how I won second place in the NJ Scholastic State Championships(7th grade) Laughing