Opinion on my chess improvement

Apr 27, 2010, 5:31 AM |

  Having played chess for some time now, probably a good 7 or 8 years, and being quite the self-critical person, I'm constantly looking to improve my chess.

  I think I'm talented in the positional sense, and lacking in a good tactical foundation, I'm studying the games of Mikhail Tal, who convincingly trounced the hardened Soviet Mikhail Botwinnik to become our 8th king... er, chess champion. 

Concurrently, my studies also include detailed analysis, and an improvement and narrowing, of my opening repetoire with an eye towards typical middlegame strategies (tactics, targets, etc etc,) and endgames reached. I've discovered recently my endgames tend toward, one of each for both sides, R+Q endings, or BvB or BvN with my intention of having the bishop in either case; along with these, I could not do without studying pawn endings.

I've also began finding myself going towards imbalanced positions by taking often taking the opportunity to sacrifice a knight for two pawns and the initiative; having a superior position is also a plus, but more difficult to render.

Game 3 of the WCC!!! May the best player take the scalp of the other!!