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Caro Kann-Ideas

Caro Kann-Ideas

May 15, 2014, 7:17 AM 15

                                                          The Caro Kann Defence 

The Caro-Kann defence is a very solid and good opening choice. The main idea is to play d5 without having a very bad bishop on c8 like in the french defence. Then you can start your counterplay with the break c5 which is the main idea in the Advanced/Closed Caro-Kann.Another main-plan is to place your knight on f5 and "protect" it with h5 against the move g4. Therefore you have to retreat your bishop to g6 or h7. When your opponent plays aggressive and tries to win your bishop with h4 then always try to play h5 and not h6 against this.

The position of your Pawns: E6,D5,C5,(H5+G6)

The position of your Pieces:Nh6/Ne7, Nc6/Nd7, bf5, be7/bb4, Qb6, Rc8

Here is a typical line which shows the piece coordination of black :


Here a line which shows how to attack the white center:


At the end a nice game I played recently on chess.com:


Thanks for reading my blog and dont forget to comment on this short post. Cheers, Till :)


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