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Sicilian Najdorf

Sicilian Najdorf

May 12, 2014, 8:33 AM 6

Sicilian Najdorf

The Sicilian Najdorf variation is one of the most popular and most often played opening lines in the game of chess. It was played  by some of the best players in the world like Kasparov or Bobby Fischer. They set the foundations for this fantastic opening.


This is the initial position of the Najdorf variation:


To understand the Najdorf variation you have to understand the ideas behind the quiet move a6:

1.It is a very flexible move which is typical for the Sicilian Defence

2.It covers the square b5 and allows b5 for black

3.It prepares the Najdorf move e5. It is one of the main moves in the whole Najdorf variation. Lets check why black couldnt have played e5 immediatly (instead of a6):


To give you an example for a typical Najdorf game I will show you a game of the Russian Championsship 1959 between two strong masters. It illustrates some important plans of the e5-Najdorf:


Now I will start to begin with the 4 main lines: The Karpov-System( Be2), Bg5-line, English Attack (Be3 and long castle) and the Sozin-Fischer Attack (Bc4). I will show a game ( of Daniel Kings Najdorf DVD) for each line which will illustrate you the plans and ideas, I wont show you the complete theory of the Najdorf variation. For this you can use an opening book or a database.

The Karpov System:-fight for d5 or b5


Bg5-Mainline:- Fight for e5-square


English Attack:


I will add the Fischer- Sozin Attack and some other lines and games later. Please have fun and dont forget to comment on this blog.

Cheers, Till_98

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