CU Buffs looked a lot better

Nov 24, 2013, 10:23 PM |

Sure, the Buffs lost handily 47-29 but they didn't look bad in the football game.

What ever MacIntyre has CU sipping it is working. The Buffs defense was pretty stingy against the USC Trojans. The #23 Trojans have all the weapons in the world. CU does not. They have to rely on Richardson and some of the run game. 

Let's eye some stats:

Richardson was held most of the night on double teams. But Sefo Lifau . Who has a hard name to pronounce started finding him in the third quarter.

Passing Leaders

Kessler 19/28 184 6.6 2 0
Liufau 17/33 188 5.7 2 1

Rushing Leaders

Allen 21 145 6.9 3 46
Vainuku 5 70 14.0 1 52
Adkins II 14 63 4.5 1 11
Powell 8 41 5.1 0 14

Receiving Leaders

Rogers 3 56 18.7 0 29
Grimble 6 46 7.7 0 11
Richardson 8 88 11.0 1 30
Spruce 4 52 13.0 1 38

These are according to

CU couldn't find playmakers in the game. Most of the reliable recievers dropped passes. CU fought hard but the Trojans had a huge run to seal the game.

Takeaways: CU played and fought hard. They just could not get much going against a good Trojan defense. It sucks that we are missing on yet another bowl game. But 4-7 compared to a 1-11 year last year is a drastic improvement. 

The Buffs have a positive future next season. And I still thinkt they can beat the Utes. The Buffs stil have heart and have showed wow factors in a couple games.

They just need to align everything positive and keep churning. Plus, the recruiting will get better. It will be a damn bright future in Boulder. Another note it was senior day at Folsem field for Richardson and many others.

Also, Lifau is only  a true freshman and will learn how to not make mistakes. He had a costly interception in the third quarter on an out route to Richardson. He tossed it too high and it was picked off.

USC seems to be scary yet again. The Buffs competed with high competition. That is what the PAC 12 is. It will be a super conference in 4 years time. It already is a very tough conference to play in.