Dark places BERSERK SPOILERS !!!!!

Sep 19, 2016, 11:17 PM |

When watching Berserk holy shit...I thought about the darkness in the manga. The show unfortunately has problems with the animation.

What the fuck is up with those?

Those being the hand drawn lines. Except, they aren't hand lines at all , they are just some crazy effect that resembles hand drawn lines. As an artist it is a disgrace that they'd even attempt that horse -knockery.


But what it did breed was just the darkness. An iconic scene where Caska is enveloped in it. They are demons.


But it made me think...


I mean it made me want to think about it. Have inspiration for a excerpt or short story.

We stand at the corridor in the darkness.
We are the shadow. We envelop and terrorize. We are here and we embody fear. A red rose sits in the middle. Blood strewn from its glorious effervescent petals. It weeps. In all the terror and the darkness is it not shielded? It sits there and weeps. Light does not guide the gorgeous studded thorny deep wild red rose. Yet, does it not weep? The darkness always shrouds. It is always there. And look just in the distance to see the luminescent and clear water drips off the green taut leaves. As the water hits the darkness it...intermixes with it.

Writer note : But the rose is there as well.  The rose representational of not a lot. Maybe of beauty in a dark world. 

Maybe the darkness fighting for control. Because in Berserk there is something called Belheit. And for fuck's sake I can't annuciate it worth a shit. Belhut is really how I say it. But anyway it brings darkness. But is it evil. Berserk is inherrently about moral propositions. But the darkness is there.

Getting inspired by darkness is a new one. But goddamn it if we don't have it in the world. But remember we have the rose. Maybe just maybe the rose is hope.

And I wanted to talk about the corruptive and foul darkness of what is going on in our world. Yet another black unarmed man was killed earlier today in Tulsa. We need more roses in the world. This was just something that is a huge problem. Racism and the stigmatic attatchment is fucked. I love the idea of Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek in a utopian world. Whereas, race means nothing, labels mean nothing, social groups are obliterated and everyone lives harmoniously against the world.