Devil's Advocate USA Soccer

Oct 14, 2017, 9:05 PM |

It was an extremely dark day in United States Soccer.


I had no idea what was to happen. And then I heard it? 

It being the United States was down 2-0 to Trinidad and Tobago. What were we to think as soccer fans?

Yes, the United States would pull this shit out. Yes, we would qualify as a nation yet again. 

And then my new friends told me it was close to the 90th minute with 5 minutes of stoppage time. It was 2-1. The clock trickled down and hell froze over.

For the first time since 1986. The United States did not qualify to play in a World Cup.


The next couple of days led to the result of Bruce Arena being sacked. And as such now the USA soccer team is in disarray. A nation is not in the World Cup.

We are so used to being there.

What can be done?

I am not sure right now.

Shock, it needs to settle down and get the horrible taste out of our mouth. I love soccer and seeing this made me sick.

I hope the new manager can rally the team some day. Just learn from the humiliation of this day.  The sting is ugly but our resolve must be stronger as a soccer nation. Whether it is big or not . We have to rally as a nation.

Sad day.


The ugly reality is I guess we were due for not making a World Cup. Hell, Chile got eliminated as well. I am still pissed but it was easier to move on than I thought. I am not sure but it felt like it was meant to be . The devil is in the details people.