NFL Opening 2014 :Packers Stymied on the run game.

Sep 5, 2014, 2:24 AM |

Today what I saw was a dominant defense for Seattle.

They pressured Aaron Rodgers the whole game. Rodgers had passes that he wants back. The O-line for the Packers was highly atrocious. They could not stop the front seven from putting pressure and havoc on Rodgers. A costly turnover in either the thrid or fourth quarter made it impossible to come back. Rodgers looked for an open reciever and threw a pass that was picked by way of bouncing around off a Seahawks safety or corner. I am not sure on that part because I was playing NCAA 14. What I am sure of is the Packers had chances to play better football. Their run game was stymied by the Seahawks run defense. Eddie Lacy went out with a horrible concussion. His fill in whose name I always forget his name. Oh! It was Starks. Like I said I don't know a lot about the Green Bay Packers. I just know they got whooped 36-16. The Seahawks were up by a good amount and Pete Carrol(Head Coach of the Seahawks) should have kicked a field goal. Instead he tells Russel Wilson to throw a touchdown. Wilson stepped back with time and floated a ball into Lockette. Lockette had no one in front of him and he gingerly, untouched, mind you....waltzed into the endzone. At that point if I am Seattle I kick the field goal. Another X-factor that the Pack could not stop was Harvin. There were many a sweep that the Hawks called. He's just so fast you have to hit him low. The Packers have to work on tackling. There was too many crappy tackling situations. Specifically, Harvin was running and Peppers or someone else tried to tackle him low but not wrap up. Harvin is a monster and is fast you have to hit low and wrap up. 

This is game 1 of the regular season. There will be so much to report.