Sandwiches for my old and young friends

Dec 8, 2014, 10:16 PM |

Sandwiches are found and often made from scraps of whatever.

I am talking black forest ham, bacon, egg, maybe? I mean there's like a billion other ingredients that can make a sandwich.


I don't do pastrami or salami. To me the classification of pastrami and salami are like two Giraffes. I think they're two different Giraffes. Either muy yuck-o! To Salami.

I think lettuce is integral to the inherent sandwich structure. Tomatoes are the thing that is expensive. A tomato is beautiful on a sandwich. It doesn't even have to be red. And to think Spain was scared of these being from the nightshade family. Mayonnaise and mustard for me are a must. Honey mustard and Dijon are favorites.

Go forth to sandwich victory!