The Lobster nightmare

May 4, 2017, 11:12 AM |

Just two fucking days a go I was having trouble sleeping. And it seems like all this week it has actually been like that.

Stress has been on my mind. So many things swirling about. It has not been great. The stress of looking for more work. Yet a fucking again.

So here is my story--


I went to bed at roughly 1 a.m.  I know it was very late. But I was sleeping just fine and I started writhing and  wondering why. Well my dream was about a warehouse and in the warehouse were zombies. But just about midway through the nightmare (not a dream) I was under a baby lobster  . Baby lobsters aren't terrifying. They just have small black eyes and look at you . They might slobber or something but no concern. But then...the fucking thing grew to almost gorilla proportions and started crushing me. Now, I was freaked out because it was mega and tried to eat me. Meanwhile, the zombies and their grotesquness had fleshily limped forward. But damnit all I was in trouble and terrified. So someone saved my ass by using one of those pruner/chainsaws and sawed the whole lobster in half. I never checked for damages as half the lobster body lie on each side of me. I woke up.

I have some great nightmares, don't I ?