The new CU Buffaloes

Oct 19, 2013, 3:56 PM |

Vigor is something I often think about.

Being zealous in some cases is incredible.

How CU played today against Charleston Southern University was a little bit of fiery vigor and zealousness.

The way CU looked they looked like a fiery football team. The Buffs seemed to understand how to tackle, catch and play football.

They always say the fundementals are fundamentally important. CU played such great football.

It was more than a win. It was a confidence booster. The CU Buffs last year were 1-11. This year we are 3-3 and I see promise.

Can CU bring that level of intensity to an Arizona Wildcats that has that and more?  All I know is that CU drubbed CSU 43-10 and looked good doing it.

Except, the troubling thing is the  0-3 tough conference record.

Go Buffs ! I have supported you through the shit times and the now times.

I am behind ya!