The Rook Cook book

Jun 11, 2013, 8:29 PM |

A rook named Solaris had a bright idea.

He wanted to make a book. Ordinarly, a rook doesn't think to make a book. He decided to venture out and make a book. The particular book he wrote and sent off to a publisher called Nomadic Enforcers was a cook book.

The name of the cook book was the Rook Cook Book. Yeah, it wasn't anything to scoff at but it sure as hell was origininal. For some reason he decided that writing this cook book would bring him gobs and gobs of money. What he forgot when the fame did roll in and the Nomadic Enforcers Publishing Agency was his idea. He let the fame get him down and he fell into despair.

Monetary gain was not his goal and as such he had no business having it. He donated his money to a local charity that played chess. He felt altruistic for doing so. As altruism goes he thought maybe it doesn't matter if I sold the book or not. If I am doing something grand I'll feel good.

On his journey he definitely kept some of the lettuce. For he still needed to live. He met someone he would have never thought. An amazing pawn that he was friends with had always been there for him. He never new how much the pawn had meant. For years in the game of Chess the pawn, she had always been in front of Solaris. It was now during this new time that he realized he loved her.

As love stories go the Rook wedded the Pawn who was named Pawn Pawnee Sarah. They got married and wouldn't you know it had beautiful pa-rook children. Pawnee had told her children the story of how her and her father met. The kids went on to be great artists.

The Rook lived well into his late, late, late days. His wife rememberd that his cook book set things in motion. It was his altruistic spirit that would be salvaged when Solaris died.

When Solaris died his wife regaled their children with stories of their father Solaris. His wife told of the good in the Rook's heart. That greed had led him to discover a truth, and that truth was altruism.

For when darkness is around good is there. We must live in a balanced world. Malice will not succeed she had told her children as they heard about Solaris. 

Is there a Solaris in your life? Is there a Rook Cook Book you want to make?