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US Chess Championship in St Louis

US Chess Championship in St Louis

Apr 2, 2017, 10:58 AM 0

This one right here is about the St Louis Chess Championships.

Nakumura and others are so gifted. But it was in round 1 that Nakumura friggin' drew with the Xiaong a promising young lad. Nakumura fought him well but in the end it was a draw. It was much to my surprise these were going on. With the most stacked March I have seen in a long time. March is always packed full of everything. April seems to be no different. 

The Championships are still going on. And Nakumura is a player I did not know until the beginning of last year. I am familiarized with the legendary Karlsson but not really Nakumura. What an intellect! I think he has the chops to win the whole thing.


And let's flip course to Anna Shetrevoik . She had an unbelievable comeback in Day 1. I watched a solid 3 hours of live Chess. She has the mustard to go to the distance in the Women's Championship.


Ah chess!


Picture is courtesy of © 2011-2017 Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis All rights reserved

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