Where will life take you?

Jan 9, 2015, 9:03 PM |

Just thinking of life is absolutley nutters.

Absolutely friggin nutters. One minute I am jobless and the next at the 183 or 184 I am ripe with a new job.

I finally, fucking, finally, fucking, finally, finally, the finality of it all have a job. It only took a year and a half and some hard learning.

You have a degree. Check.

You have two degrees? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Yep. You have two degrees and you're 27. You haven't been to the doctors in 15 years? Nope. You're wrong. It was 13.

Damn it all! HEHHEHEEHH!

Life doesn't throw curve balls it throws deceptive sliders. A change up that was supposed to be a fast ball. A ball you were supposed to sublimely smash outta the park.

 It is with this mentality I was wrong. You'll have a good job after college they would say. That was as stern and stark as a lie as you've ever heard.

You bounced and pinballed around the block working for your cousin that rhymed with the mints. You gardened with your friend named Mark for a summer.

You somehow wound up  in a job that has to do with serving food. Yes, this is a slice of my story. I also am playing Candy Crush Soda Saga and wondering how I got here.

Yes, life flashes and pops and suddenly you're back at your parent's home. Life is a little nuts. Just a little and it has been really hectic as of late. Like a sort of turbulence that jiggles your heart. But it is all for a reason....

I don't feel like I am floating. I have purpose renewed. I also have hours...lol.

What that means is I am working. I am stoked! Sure it may get old but I need to make a little money.