When will China impound chess?

When will China impound chess?

Mar 28, 2016, 6:15 AM |

10 years ago, China had only 4 players in the top 100(Pengxiang Zhang at #93, Wang Yue at #84 Zhang Zhong at #68 and Bu Xiangzhi at #47). Compare this with today's situation. Now they have 9 players in the top 100! Thats is almost 1/10! The amount of Chinese players in the top 100 have increased with 125% over the last 10 years! You might think; Sure, but that is not that quick. With that speed they will not impound the sport for another 25 years or so. 


But that's madness! I'll give you an example; Anand became India's first Grandmaster in 1988. Before him they had NO grandmasters. A few years later in 2000, Anand became World Champion. What then happened was that they started covering chess in TV, Newspaper and more. That way Indian boys and girls all over the country started playing chess. Today we still see many young Indian boys and girls increasing in ranking and climbing the lists. Also India is one of the greatest chess country in the world. All thanks to one player becoming world champion. 


With that in mind, we can now have a look at the previous discussion again. We now know that  one player becoming world champion would be enough. Yet again you might think; Okay, but that could take a very long time! 


But yet again, you are wrong. Have you forgotten Hou Yifan? The current Women World Champion! 


I think China will overtake chess in less than 5 years. The reason behind all this, is not only what I've mentioned above, but also the fact that Chinese people generally are both hardworking and intelligent. Also we know what they have done to table tennis! 


Now I only have one more thing to say; Beware the Chinese! 


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