Same Coloured Bishop Endings

Same Coloured Bishop Endings

Feb 2, 2016, 6:02 AM |

                           Same coloured bishop endings

A few thought first as the bishops of the same colour often fight for the same square. The stornger side can usually offer a bishop exchange to gain control over certain diagonals.The fight 32 uncontroled squares  is left to kings and pawns. It is important to know that it can be very difficult to drive a defending King away from an uncontroled square,specialy if a check with a pawn isn't available and the defending bishop is free,so that zugzwang is unlikely. 

Bishop and pawn VS Bishop

 There are 2 basic defensive resources as the bishop can sacrifice itself foe the pawn.

* If the defending king reach a square infront of the pawn oppositw to the bishop colour,it is an iron-clad draw.

* If the defender's King gets to the rear of the pawn, he can draw according "Centurini's Rule"

Illustreted position.

Centurini's Rule

* If the passed pawn has advanced beyond the line, the attacker is winning as one of the diagonals are shorter than four squares and therefore not long enough to avoid zugzwang.