Mass of losses

Mar 30, 2010, 6:43 AM |

I am sincerely sorry to everyone who has in some way been let down by my long absence:

My opponents who probably expected to play a more or less interesting game with me, and most of all of course for my various team mates who have to cope with a 0-2 from my side now. Blokes, I'm really really sorry.


What happened? As some of you folks know already, we moved to a rather rural environment, and having promised me a full size DSL on my timely application, the german telecom now has found out they can't  provide any internet connection at all. I got myself an UMTS stick for my laptop which doesn't even transfer enough data to open a website or check my emails, and of course there is no internet café in this *** place.

I'm writing this from an office I don't normally have access to, and won't have regularly, so chances are it will be some time until you will read from me again. My apologies for this mess!