Bunratty 2012: Strongest weekender ever?

IM Trendle
Mar 6, 2012, 8:03 AM |

I recently travelled to Ireland to play in the Bunratty Masters event. For a full report (including photos) check out http://icu.ie/articles/display.php?id=343

As you can see from some of the photos the event was played in excellent spirit. The conditions were great and the Guinness was flowing! This not only led to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere but it perhaps also contributed to a lot of interesting chess being played. A good example of this is my round 2 encounter (played at 9:30am after not enough sleep) against GM Keith Arkell.



Anyway, I went on to finish on 3.5/6 - not normally a score I would be happy with in a weekender - however this was no ordinary weekend event. As you can see from the final crosstable http://www.bunrattychess.com/latest.html the event contained 10 GMs (including the UK's numbers 1,2 & 4) as well as 10 IMs. My field contained 3 GMs, an IM, an FM and a junior in the first round.
Congratulations to the deserved winners Michael Adams, Nigel Short and Gawain Jones who all scored 5/6. This was not only one of the toughest events I've played recently but also one of the most enjoyable. I'm very much hoping to return next year.....