How I've been cheated by Vietnam 8th HDBank cup chess tournament organizers

How I've been cheated by Vietnam 8th HDBank cup chess tournament organizers

Mar 15, 2018, 5:16 AM |

Okay, in general I don't like to complain about the things but I don't like being fraud by the organizers.

I think this post could serve as a general guideline for others who might decide to play in this tournament.


So, I played in HDB Bank tournament between 9-16 of March. In challenger's section.

Could talk a lot about the tournament itself but let's go to to main part. I got 6.5 point out of 9.

OK result, got 8th place.

Result link:

 As per regulations: 6 places are paid, and in cases of points tie prizes are shared. 

Regulation link;

Important point, each player can receive only the one highest prize. Clearly written there.


So what's happen first 6 places had 7 points. Among them was one girl, technically she goes for higher women prize. so 7-11(9th goes for 2nd women prize) should share 6th place prize.

Correct me if I'm wrong?


To my surprize organizers decided not to give 6th place money, but just share 6th place prize among top 5 places. When I noticed that I informed chief arbiter, who understood that it is wrong, he spoke with some organizers and they said will sort this, at the end they didn't sort anything and they main arguments were like "oh there are so many of you on 6.5 points, need to share money" or that "It doesn't look nice on paper", or that "girl's rank was higher, agree on that but they didn't pay her for 6h prize.


Just to note, 6th place money wouldn't change my life, just feel sad somehow inside when you are entitled for something by the chess rules, but you don't get "it doesn't look nice on the paper".


Any comments on that are welcome.